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The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon

Communications and press relations campaign in Québec of the annual event televised on Labour Day and hosted by honorary president American actor Jerry Lewis and in Quebec by singer Michel Louvain.

  • Organization, logistics and management of a vast awareness campaign targeting the general public, the donors, via the mass media networks: press agencies, radio, television, newspapers, magazines and advertising sponsorships.
  • Research, negotiation, management and establishment of strategic alliances and partnerships to ensure simultaneous visibility in all the major media on the weekend the event takes place.
  • Corporate campaign in medical and health trade media to ensure the visibility and progress of research and development in the field of neuromuscular illnesses;
  • Coordination of media coverage and presence of the event before, during and after.

Québec Sports and Physical Activity Day

Launch, in conjunction with the advertising agency bleublancrouge, of the Québec Sports and Physical Activity Day organized by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports:

  • Press coverage of the event throughout Québec.
  •  Vast awareness campaign targeting the general public via the organization of many interviews provided by Minister Jean-Marc Fournier, official ambassadors, Canadian athletes, and Olympic medal winners from the Athens and Turin Games, Nicolas Macrozonaris and Anouk Leblanc-Boucher.

Additional Projects:


Québec Sports and Physical Activity Day


Organization and management of communication campaigns and press relations campaigns for the following major conventions, trade shows and conferences:

  • Salon de la mariée (the bridal show).
  • Salon International des véhicules récréatifs (the international recreational vehicle show).
  • Salon des médecines douces et thérapies alternatives (the soft medicines and alternative therapies show).
  • Congrès de l’Association Américaine des Psychiatres (the American psychiatric association show).
  • Conference by best-selling author James Redfield on his world best-selling novel The Celestine Prophecy, which sold 8 million copies in over 35 countries.

The Bridal Show


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