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“Effective public relations services can substantially increase brand awareness of your company.

Any business leader striving to become a key industry player must develop, increase, optimize and maintain
an active network of contacts


The reputation of your business is one of its most valuable assets. Reputation plays a pivotal role in the achievement of your corporate objectives.

To succeed in this environment, it is essential to not only determine needs, plan the change and apply change management processes, but above all to effectively communicate the nature of the change.

We ensure that your messages are distributed quickly, efficiently and accurately in order for them to be duly heard and understood according to your objectives and without misrepresenting your corporate and brand identity.

Now more than ever public opinion demands that we provide answers down   to the smallest detail. Within this context of openness expected of institutions, business organizations, various interest groups and players, communication professional work is more than ever critical in terms of delivering messages for public consumption.


 Integrated Strategic Communications - Turnkey Service

An audit is a diagnostic exercise that allows targeted public perceptions to be measured with respect to various issues affecting your organization. An audit can be conducted using surveys, individual interviews, research, examinations and verifications. Results are evaluated on a completely objective basis. The information gathered through an audit allows for a precise diagnosis of the components measured and, if appropriate, an action plan to be established that includes corrective measures.

At Créa Communications, we develop integrated strategic plans to support your business development and growth so that you have the means to be heard, seen and understood on the local, national and international scene.

We have a strong background in management and strategic advice.  We can make all the difference in your company's positioning and promotion in the industry so that you can stand out from your competitors.

We help leading by:

Raising awareness, increasing understanding, and building loyalty with audiences including shareholders, employees, socioeconomic leaders, pressure groups, and consumers

Promoting key messages with journalists (radio, television, dailies, magazines, weeklies, and Web)

Writing in the appropriate style: press kits, annual reports, corporate advertising, briefs, strategic correspondence, etc.

Analyzing content and determining the economic value of media spinoffs (radio, television, dailies, magazines, weeklies, and Web)

Managing a key aspect of any crisis: communications

We offer the following specialized services:

   flecheRecommandations et mise en place d’un plan de communication            Recommendations and Implementation of Communication Plans

  • Developing effective strategic communication tools according to your corporate objectives.
  • Handling project management from initial to final development stages, including key messages and targeted communication channels.

   flecheRecommandations et mise en place d’un plan de communication            Written Communication Tools

  • Drafting press releases, speeches, among others, in French and English.
  • Providing training for media meetings, coaching, etc.
  • Following up on communications sent to the press to confirm journalists’ names and their presence.
  • Media groups and effective means to reach them.
  • Working out campaign reports.
  • Carrying out quantitative and qualitative analyses on results and impacts.

   flecheRecommandations et mise en place d’un plan de communication            Public Relations

  • Managing corporate image and media profile.
  • Identifying open forum opportunities in the media.
  • Planning tour itineraries within the context of awareness campaign tactics.  Targeting current news and the media world.
  • Planning press campaigns, conferences and meetings.
  • Following up on editorial opportunities.
  • Setting up business meetings for strategic market targeting within the framework of a special branch or subsidiary launching or opening on the national or international levels.

Additional Services:

...Event planning: trade fairs, exhibitions, special days, shows, etc.

...Internal and external corporate communications.

...Crisis management.

...Financial and stock exchange communications: conducting research on potentially profitable alliances and establishing strategic partnerships.

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