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« Reflexion, creativity, infuence and networking are the qualities that make an experienced communicator successfull. »

“ Caroline Sabbagh is a highly seasoned public relations professional. We entrusted her with extremely difficult mandates that she carried out brilliantly.
Despite every imaginable obstacle, her innate sense of professionalism, impressive capacity for work, remarkable tenacity and attention to detail produced results way beyond our expectations.”

Hubert Sacy, Senior partner –  Bleublancrouge Advertising Agency

“ The success of any campaign rests on two words: efficiency and trust!
Caroline Sabbagh has always carried out her press relation campaigns with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.  Trust is important, since it is very easy to overcharge.  With her, everything is justified and transparent. Nothing and no one can stop her.  Thanks to her many contacts in all areas and her great imagination for creating events, her campaigns have always been successful.
Caroline Sabbagh is a sure value for any company looking to break into a market and position itself on the business scene.”

Samy Rabbat, President of Restovin International Inc., Knight of the Agricultural Merit of France (Chevalier du Mérite Agricole de France)


“ Mrs. Sabbagh was an invaluable collaborator for the launching of our SpavTrack program. In very little time she managed to draw all the major television and print media, which provided us with very good visibility.
She also put her marketing talents to good work helping us publicize our products to targeted clients. 
I wish to underline the talent, tenacity and commitment of Mrs. Sabbagh in accomplishing the mandate we gave her.”

Marc Desmarais, President & CEO, Groupe VitroPlus inc.


“ We could compare Caroline Sabbagh to the Olympic flame.  Nothing can stop her and she carries the flame of her profession everywhere she goes.
She will not back away from any file or obstacle.  She is not intimidated by public personality. What she doesn’t accomplish on her first try, she will achieve through audacity and tenacity. When you give her a mandate, whether it involves public relations or developing a business project, you know that she will perform the task to the best of her ability.
But first and foremost, she is a woman with a big heart, great sensitivity and volumes of understanding.
Don’t be surprised if she brings you back a highly coveted signed contract along with a box of cupcakes picked especially for you. This woman is more than engaging, and grows on you quite naturally.”

Marcel Béliveau, host of the cult French television series “Surprise, surprise”

“ Caroline Sabbagh has an innate sense for creating the event and an amazing reactivity in emergency situations.  She cultivates the art of novelty and has a good knowledge of current events.  We had concluded a strategic alliance between The Word Business Development Bureau and Chinese businessmen. We made world news and our interviews were published in the Canadian media in China that were covering Mission Québec headed by Premier Jean Charest.  We proved to our partners that we had clout!”

Jean-Claude CARON, President & CEO of Ressources et Energie Squatex Inc., a company that specializes in the exploration of hydrocarbons to accelerate the discovery of oilfields in the Matapédia region of Québec

“ In life we sometimes meet people that give us another vision of the world we live in.  Business is not just about profits or making money but more importantly about understanding others. In this respect Caroline Sabbagh has given me a glimpse into her world.
Even if human relationships involve complex mechanics that require extensive training and practice, there is always much to learn from exchanges with others.
What I learned from her with regard to the science of human beings and individuals, has allowed me to become a better person.” 

Pascal Fournier, President of Adhersis North America and originator of the educational portal: The School of the 3rd Millennium.


“ CRÉA Communications is an efficient and well-organized agency.  For the launch of the School of the 3rd Millennium at Collège de Champigny in Québec City, I never doubted her for a moment. Caroline Sabbagh took real good care of us.  The press conference unfolded perfectly. And the presence of the media, the public, political personalities, suppliers, parents and students made this media event a memorable success. Bravo to the entire team!”

Robert Laperle, General Director of Collège de Champigny, the first  school in Québec equipped with the educational portal: The School of the 3rd Millennium.

“ Caroline Sabbagh, of Créa Communications, provided advertising services for The Bridal Show presented at the Montreal Convention Centre. We were very satisfied.  In her capacity, she was able to generate substantial publicity, which drew thousands of visitors to the Show, making it the longest in duration and the most visited in the province.
I personally recommend her services.”

Sheldon Kagan, President, Sheldon Kagan International, promoter of The Bridal Show and
The Baby Boomers Show

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